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17 July 2006


Santa Barbara Bankruptcy Attorney

Just one small dissent on this perceptive and sympathetic take on a very interesting book: the footnotes would have been better yet had Kalman identified the authors of journalistic work by name rather than just article title and publication. The authors of legal work were, of course, named. But journalism was cited in the form of "Article on Yale Law School," The New York Times (or whatever). This reader, at least, was interested in knowing the name of the reporters involved

laura kalman

thanks so much for your kind remarks about *legal realism at yale.*
i'm actually a proud alumna of ucla law school and a member of the california bar. indeed i retake the bar exam in my sleep at least once a year. i wake up and my husband looks at the panicked look on my face and says, "you've been taking the california bar again."

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