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11 October 2006


Professor Roman Tomasic,  Law, Victoria University, Australia

I wonder if it is not too late to offer a paper for the Berlin Joint conference based on empirical work that my colleague Neil Andrews and I have been undertaking in China over the last 3 or 4 years doing interviews with officers of China's top 100 stock exchange listed companies and corproate regulators seeking to examine the effect of law and corporate governance debates in China

Valerie Hans

Bill, thanks for posting the Law & Society Association's Call for Papers on the ELS Blog. I am on the Program Committee for that meeting, as are several other scholars (Lawrence Friedman, James Gibson) whose empirical research on law is well-known.

The meeting promises to be a very exciting one for people who are interested in empirical approaches to law and legal systems and want to explore the international and global possibilities of their work. Six sociolegal associations are cosponsors of this conference, representing a remarkable amount of international cooperation. I've taken up the task of organizing several "Presidential Panels" to highlight empirical research on law; the aim is to include people from diverse countries who are working on the same or similar topics. There will be special graduate student activities too, to facilitate the development of international connections among the next group of sociolegal scholars.

If you are interested in presenting your work, want to suggest a panel or a scholar from the US or another country, or just want to learn more about the meeting, please feel free to email me or others on the Program Committee.

See you in Berlin!

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