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26 April 2008


Fred Tung

Thanks, Bill! I have been putting off buying a backup because of the several hours I'd spend on product research. I'd be reading Consumer Reports and product reviews well past the point of usefulness. With your product endorsement, now I can just point and click! Hope all's well.


Get two, I used to work as an engineer for a hard drive company, and they have higher failure rates than you might expect. Your faculty account disk space has all the best backup that the IT Dept. can provide, but if you are going to do it yourself, keep an eye out for single points of failure.

Bill Henderson

It is portable. Approximately 7"x5"x1" with an AC cord for power and a USB cord to plug into a PC. bh.

Bill Ford


Is this a portable hard drive or a sit-on-your -desk hard drive?



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Michael Risch

They should send you one free for the endorsement!

For that price, I'd buy two and keep one as a backup.

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