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19 February 2006


Mark Hall and Ron Wright

The 2004 AALS Conference had a session on IRBs and law professors. Based on that, and some discussions at the Wake Forest law school, we (Mark Hall and Ron Wright) developed a set of FAQs about legal research and IRBs, which we're happy to share with anyone who wants to see them, or post on this blog if someone tells us how to do that.

Ed. note: These IRB FAQs have now been posted on the ELS Blog at:

Joe Miller

I think it would be helpful to see discussion on this blog about IRBs, and the learning curve for law profs in working with their home IRBs. I attended the AALS January 2006 meeting and don't recall seeing or hearing, amid all the encouragement for more empirical work, a word about IRBs (what they are, how they work, etc.).

Just a thought. And thanks for launching this blog!

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