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31 March 2006


Work From Home

Coping with the “Petty Tyranny” of IRBs-Nice post.Good job done.

Acai Optimum

very informational... educative as well, i read and felt like reading over and over again....good job!

Acai Berry Optimum

I enjoyed reading this post. Thanks for a wonderful job!

Acai Optimum

Wonderful post. Please continue your good work!

William Ford

As a clarification, like the regulation of air travel and flight plans by the FAA, the example I used of regulating the transportation of certain hazardous materials over public roads is real. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration actually does this. Route plans are even required, though I don’t know if you actually need to file these plans with the FMCSA. I was not suggesting this regulatory activity is absurd. I don’t know much about the details, but it makes intuitive sense to closely regulate shipments of highly toxic materials because the risks are so great.

See, e.g., 49 C.F.R. 397.101(d) (2006) (“A carrier . . . who operates a motor vehicle which contains a package of highway route controlled quantity of Class 7 (radioactive) materials . . . shall prepared [sic] a written route plan and supply a copy before departure to the motor vehicle driver and a copy to the shipper . . . . Any variation between the route plan and routes actually used, and the reason for it, shall be reported in an amendment to the route plan delivered to the shipper as soon as practicable but within 30 days following the deviation.”).

My tongue-in-cheek example is simply meant to suggest we reach the point of absurdity when, as Mark suggests, we stop sensibly “match[ing] the type of regulation with the degree of risk.” The FMCSA would be more IRB-like if we needed to file paperwork with it before driving home from the store with a bottle of drano. Driving with a bottle or two of drano would of course be “exempt,” but you would still need to fill out some forms.

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