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17 March 2006


Belle Lettre

I really like Prof. Solove's idea!

When I did a post on perestroika, i.e. the debate over qualitative vs. empirical political science, I ended it with a very cheesy one liner:

Numbers + Words = Crazy Delicious

Daniel J. Solove

New motto idea: "Where everyone counts."

Artemus Ward

In order to answer this vexing question, I convened seven stratified focus groups of internet users, administered an open-ended mail survey of 1,500 bloggers nationwide, and conducted a narrative analysis of the 326 leading blogs. Employing grounded theory I was able to identify the top three suggestions for the new Empirical Legal Studies blog motto:

1. Don't hate us because we're nerds

2. Taking legal studies far too seriously

3. Scholarly advances that no one reads

Remember, any offense taken by these potential monikers is not my doing as they simply bubbled up from the data. Don't kill the messenger, dear colleagues . . .

Dave Hoffman

Data Trumps Talk.


"Getting a variety of empirical legal scholars talking"?

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