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17 April 2006


William Nuesslein

In the vote count example noted in your blog, Dr. Lott did not say that the comission work could not be replicated, perse, rather he said that the results were not robust as that minor changes in input produed different results.

If Lott's results are not robust, then say so. One should not imply that the man made up the data or messed up in the analysis.

Mr. Levitt recently made some unfortunate remarks about the Stewart case on the Al Franken Show. It was clear that Ms. Stewart committed no crime with respect to her selling of ImClone stock, and that was not alledged in her trial. And Ms. Stewart was innocent of the charges actually made. Ms. Seymore invited the jury to believe that cheating was done. The jury accepted that invitation and convicted Ms. Stewart on the basis that she and her broker were covering up her cheating. Mr. Levitt and Mr. Franken both asserted that Ms. Steawrt cheated. According to them, Ms. Stewart just couldn't help doing such a dumb thing as cheating on the ImClone sale.

I love all three of Mr. Fraken, Mr. Levitt and Ms. Stewart. I wish that Mr. Fraken and Mr. Levitt would be more charitable and judicious in their comments.

William Henderson

Great post. bh.

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