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25 May 2006


Jason Czarnezki


There was only very little discussion on experimental design (simply because it is rarely done in ELS) and ANOVA. But yes, the workshop discussed many statistics including one- and two-sample t-tests, chi-squares, r-squared, standard errors, standard deviations, and linear and multiple regression.


Jeremy A. Blumenthal

Given Profs. Epstein and Martin's expertise in polisci research and regression techniques, I was curious whether the Workshop focused on other statistics and methodologies as well - in particular, experimental design and analysis, of which there is not much in current ELS. For instance, was there discussion of how to design an experiment, run t-tests, chi-squares, ANOVA's, contrast analysis, etc.? (To be crystal clear, I'm not questioning or criticizing anything about the Workshop or such research; I just wasn't there so I don't know!)

More broadly, do others have the sense that there is little such research in ELS today? If so, should there be more?

William Henderson

Jason, this is a teriffic post. I am filing it right now. bh.


I may not be the most sophisticated econometrician in the world (only an MA in econ), but working at the FTC has given me some great insights as to what ELS people should be more familiar with. When you are talking about more advanced topics I think it would be beneficial to learn more about not only specific techniques, but how to fix common statistical problems. One problem we come across frequently is endogenaety. As for advanced techniques, I think learing to use an "order statistics" approach would be helpful as well as a very detailed description of "difference in differences" analysis. That is my two cents, take it for what its worth. Oh, and it excites me to see that STATA is the preferred program. In my mind, it is far superior to anything else for analysis (if not data cleaning/manipulation, for which SAS is better suited)

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