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23 June 2006


William Henderson

Elizabeth, Stewart, and Bob,

Thanks so much for a lively week. We have learned a lot and moved the ball forward on the building of interdisciplinary communities. Bh.

Robert Nelson

I have had the extraordinary good luck to grow up inside a research institute dedicated to the empirical study of law, the American Bar Foundation. The ABF became a leading producer of knowledge on law and legal processes by wedding disciplinary scholars with scholars whose primary identity and scholarship followed the law and society tradition. As a result the ABF resarch program has been shaped both by developments within the social sciences and humanities, as well as within interdisciplinary legal studies. I see both NLR and ELS as fully complementary to the vision that has created the ABF. The best way to advance our understanding of law and its role in society is to combine legally sophisticated questions with rigorous empirical methods. With that in mind, I want to thank the editors of the ELS blog and my co-guest bloggers for what they are doing to build communities and networks and associations that foster and sustain such effort.

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