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29 June 2006


William Henderson


These are very informative developments. Re WORDSCORE, is there any place you know of that provides scores for a series of well-known texts or speakers/authors in order to demonstrate in some obvious and intuitive sense that the scoring makes sense?

Effective speakers often use memorable phrases that distill down complex ideas--indeed, it has become a cottage industry for political consultants like Frank Lutz. So the technology seems quite plausible. If it works, there are probably a host of applications beyond judicial opinions. For example, I would love to know the scores of exceptional versus average trial lawyers.

Thanks for your post. bh.

Jeffrey Segal

Great post, Lee. I'd like to add my two cents on the WORDSCORE/McGuire stuff.

This paper and the methodology it uses has enormous potential to transform the dichotomous liberal-conservative policy codings so many of us have been using into the valid, reliable, and nuanced policy scales we wish that we had.

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