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21 June 2006


Brandon Bartels

Baum's book is out in hardback (cloth) right now (I have a copy). But apparently, one can order it only from Princeton University Press via the following website: http://www.pupress.princeton.edu/titles/8323.html

From what Professor Ford has gathered, it sounds like it will be out in paperback July 3, and thus, available via Amazon, B&N, etc. at that time?

Let me know if I'm incorrect on any of this.

William Ford

I could not find a listing for Baum's new book on Amazon. Barnes & Noble reports that it will be available on July 31st, but B&N's entry conflates two different books (giving Baum a co-author).

So, I called Princeton's fulfillment service and was told the book will be available on July 3rd.

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