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26 July 2006


Anne Joseph

Fantastic--data and prescriptive advice for encouraging co-authorship. Thanks! I am still interested in the tenured/untenured divide. From a quick skim (will read more carefully soon), Tracey and Chris seem to discuss "junior scholars" but that category includes scholars who took a permanent teaching position within the last ten years (of when they were collecting data).

William Henderson


In 2002, Tracey George (future guest blogger) and Chris Guthrie laid out a lot of the empirics on co-authorship in law and other disciplines. See 52 J. Leg. Educ. 559. Apparently, co-authorship has been *more* common in law journals, which I found surprising. There also appears to be a slight upward trend in co-authorship for all scholarship generally.

Here is the Hein Online link: http://heinonline.org/HOL/PDF?handle=hein.journals/jled52&id=567&print=section&section=51&ext=.pdf

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