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24 July 2006


William Ford

I just added all of my previous posts to a new "Lott v. Levitt" category.

William Ford

Ed, currently all the Lott v. Levitt posts are collected in the "current affairs" category. I'll try to get them all into a "Lott v. Levitt" category, which will be more obvious.

Ed Darrell

When I read that line in Freakonomics the first time, I thought it was marvelously crafted to avoid saying Lott fudged it. I thought it gave much more credence to Lott than most journalists would. Interesting to learn now it is an issue in a lawsuit.

Ed Darrell

It would be nice if you could develop some convention here about linking to past posts on a case. Coming to this case cold as I did today, it takes a bit to figure out who the parties are, what the issue is -- and I still don't know exactly what Lott alleged in the original complaint.

Perhaps you could consolidate in one post all these key links, and then link back to that post when something new happens.

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