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29 August 2006


Jerry Stephens

I'll second the comments. Thank you adding what looks like an excellent collection of links.

Margo Schlanger

Some additional resources:
Bureau of Justice Statistics

National Center for State Courts: court statistics project

St. Louis Circuit Court Historical Records

U.S. National Archives and Records Administration, On-line court records

Attributes of United States Appeals Court Judges, 1801-1994

Lower Federal Court Confirmation Database, 1977-2004

State Supreme Court Database

Supreme Court Ideal Point Research (by Andrew Martin and Kevin Quinn)

Supreme Court Justices' Papers:
Library of Congress collections description
Blackmun papers website (Library of Congress)

Blackmun papers archive (currently in prototype) (Lee Epstein and Harold Spaeth)

"Teddy": State and federal statistics query engine (sponsored by Ted Eisenberg and Kevin Clermont, Cornell Law School)
Federal; State trials; State cases

Washington University Supreme Court Forecasting Project

Links to all of these, plus a large index of online and print resources on American trial trends (including several otherwise unavailable datasets), are posted at my homepage (http://schlanger.wustl.edu). You're obviously welcome to harvest the links for any that you think would be of more general interest.

William Henderson

Jason, this is nice addition to the site. Thanks for tracking down all those links. bh.

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