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03 August 2006



Good god, Joe, that's not your problem. This is the stuff of elementary algebra. And why would anyone try to "confuse the uninitiated"? Don't we have better things to do? Seriously, this is really silly.

True, it may be best for us to work with our colleagues so that they understand what we're doing. But there's only so far one needs to take this. At some point-and we've reached it here-we have to say we did the best we can and move on.

Joe Doherty

Excellent point, Bill, and great examples (and a nice hat-tip to the recently departed Mosteller). There is an interesting wrinkle to this story. Some people think that transforming data is a trick that empirical types do to confuse the uninitiated; if the data don't fit our theory we change the data! How do we convince them otherwise? I've had discussions with faculty who think it's cheating to use logarithms in OLS, and no amount of math, examples or cites to Greene will convince them otherwise.

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