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06 September 2006


Andrew Martin

In response to Tracy's question: Yes. Everything is stored a database, so we can export whatever we want. All of the PDFs on the site have been OCRed and carry a text layer, so that content is fully searchable and exportable for content analysis.

William Henderson


This is terrific information. I am currently working on a project in which the PIs have discussed creating and deploying a similar interface; a database contractor is onboard to help us think the process through. I am thrilled that someone else has tackled something similar. I will be sending along this information to our group. Many thanks, bh.

Tracy Lightcap

Veeerry interesting. One query: can the text fields be independently accessed for content analysis? I'm guessing yes, but you never know until you know.


The Texas Criminal Justice Coalition similarly uses supervised interns and volunteers operating on a web-based portal to compile racial profiling data from hundreds of reports from local police and sheriffs departments, nearly all differing somewhat in format but containing (for the most part) several key statutorily required data points. The first report were done using Excel, nearly just as you describe, and the use of the uniform web interface really cleaned up the process and created means for more systematic data inegrity checks, etc.

(See the most recent (third annual) report and supporting materials here: http://www.criminaljusticecoalition.org/files/userfiles/Racial_Profiling_Data_2006_Analysis_of_Search_and_Consent_Policies_in_Texas.pdf)

Thanks for the data harvesting tips!

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