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06 October 2006


William Ford


My posts are best read alongside the other posts from last week’s blog forum, including the ones by Frank Cross, Gerry Rosenberg, and the related posts on other blogs, e.g., Larry Solum’s. These other posts were mainly concerned with contemporary divisions between law and political science. With my four posts, I tried to provide a bit of historical perspective on how things evolved over time. Does this answer help?


Mark Andrews

I read through the essays about Great Moments in Ignorance. What you are trying to say went right past me. Political scientists are ignorant of law? Law professors are ignorant of political science? Both? It is not unusual for two professions to misunderstand each other. What was notable about the contrasts you offered?

Sean Wilson

Yes I agree -- nice job! But please give us more of Pritchett and less of Schubert next time.


Great post, great series of posts. Thanks.

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