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13 November 2006



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Tracy Lightcap

NOW we're getting somewhere! I couldn't agree more: the trial courts are where the courts's role as a regulator and applicator of state power is actually exercised for most purposes. Dr. Schlanger is certainly on the right track here and I applaud the research initiative. I look forward to the next installment with great interest.

One caveat: there are two levels of analysis here. Looking at opinions by trial courts is certainly important and is where our efforts should be focused. There is, as Margo (if I may) says, no infrastructure here. It is as important, I think, to continue to study the actual structure of cases filed and decisions reached. In other words, there is a systematic level of analysis here as well . Of course, we already have some examples of research along those lines and the "data infrastructure" is already well developed. Still, I tend to look at the structural first. Call it a weakness.

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