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16 November 2006


Al Brophy

Ah, Geoff--great question. May I hazard a guess? On a question about emipirical work, no one wants to hazard a guess without some evidence!

Let me suggest a related question: how do law teaching candidates perceive law schools' receptivity to empirical research. If we could measure that, we might have a sense of what people believe the environment looks like. Of course, candidates' perceptions may be wrong; or candidates may just doing empirical work because they're interested in it, independent of a market. Based on the people we spoke with in DC a few weeks ago, there is huge interest among candidates in empirical work. (Then, again, this may just represent the interest of our hiring committee in people doing empirical work....)

Geoff McGovern

I'm surprised that no one posted under this topic heading. Any thoughts on why?

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