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30 January 2007



Time Spent Teaching Social Studies

In order to cover that many benchmarks, teachers would need 15,464 hours of solid instructional time. In a typical 180-day school year, teachers have approximately 9,042 hours of actual time spent teaching (Maranon, 2003). Of those hours, primary grades emphasize reading instruction over all other content areas because administrators and teachers feel pressured to devote their time and energy to those areas that are tested. In a study conducted by the Council for Basic Education (2004), elementary principals reported a decrease in instructional time for social studies in grades K-5 since the year 2000 (Hind, 2005). It seems that the current trend is for students to have little exposure to social studies in the primary grades.
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Is statistics considered a social science or liberal arts?
I'm on a website that is comparing lifetime income of people who recieved bachelors degrees vs. master's degrees. The site says that for some fields such as social sciences or liberal arts, getting a master's won't make a financial difference than just getting a bachelor's in those two fields.

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