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23 February 2007


Car Accident Lawyers

I totally agree that there is a gender bias in most every workplace in America. I think it is going to take a few decades before men and women are truly seen as equals. I mean, this article is not really news to me, but it is a reminder that we still have a long ways to go.


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Im doing a paper on the role of female federal judges. I need some resources and some more information. COuld you please send me some information.




Sara: I have a logistical question for you regarding this study, knowing of course that you're not the author. Do you know how I might find out if there are any women scheduled to argue before the Supreme Court this coming Fall term? I'm a law student and would like to organize a trip for our student women's group to attend.


very cool...........

John Szmer

A few additional points. I recently checked the data: women attorneys participate fairly equally as both petitioner and respondent (less than a percent difference). So I don't think the results are an artifact of the tendency to reverse 2/3 of the cases.

Also, women attorneys, contrary to intuition, are just as likely to represent (both on brief and in oral arguments) parties that prefer conservative outcomes as they are to represent parties that prefer liberal outcomes. Just in case, we did include a variable that controlled for the ideological direction of the litigant's poisition.

Finally, we recently presented a paper testing a similar model of Supreme Court of Canada decision making ("LAWYER AND JUSTICE GENDER: EXAMINING THE SUPREME COURT OF CANADA" by Kaheny, Sarver, and Szmer). While we could not examine the impact of the gender of the orally arguing lawyers(the reporter and Court records do not distinguish between roles), we do find that parties represented by women lawyers are more likely to WIN at the SCC. Of course, given the gender diversity on the SCC (4 female justices, including the chief justice) compared to the lack of diversity in the U.S. court, this is not too surprising.


Do they control for the ideology of the lawyers' client's position? Maybe more female litigators represent "liberal" causes, which explains the findings completely. Maybe I should just read it and find out... but that's my first OVB thought.

Sara Benesh

That's technically true, but they do control for some other indicators of which side might be "best" by measuring amici support, US as amici, ideological comparability, and party capability. They also include controls for "how good the litigation team is" (so, how good the arguments might be) through experience and clerkships. Perhaps they could consider controlling for the propoensity to reversal in a revision -- that could prove useful. Perhaps they'll react to your comment as well.

Michael Heise

Sara: Although I've only read--and not yet carefully studied--the Szmer et al. paper, what immediately struck me was the apparent absence of any effort to control for case merits. To be sure, this is a difficult task. (Far, far easier to manage, obviously, with controlled experimental designs.) Also, if one wanted to "predict" S.Ct. case outcomes with a *single* variable, it turns out that the variable "reverse" will, in general, explain a lot of the variation on the left-hand side of the equation. Thus, if it happens that female attorneys are more likely to represent respondents (and, candidly, I am not aware of any reason rooted in either theory or common sense to expect, ex ante, that they would) then the female attorneys would approach their appeal at something of a disadvantage that has nothing to do with gender. Anyway, an intriguing paper and an interesting line of inquiry, but I'm not yet quite sure what to make of their models.

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