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24 February 2007



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Christopher Zorn

I also wonder if it isn't just the penchant for clerks to over-cite. From what I read of law reviews, one can no longer claim that the sky is blue without a source ("see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diffuse_sky_radiation").

Also: If Frank is right, we ought also to see increasing citations to that other wiki-miracle, Urban Dictionary.


I would want to explore this a little further. What exactly is Wikipedia cited for? Does the Britannica even have any relevant listing, over which Wikipedia was chosen? It may be that Wikipedia is cited for pop culture/current events topics that other encyclopediae don't yet address.

David Tannenbaum

It seems hard to disentangle what this tells us about Wikipedia's credibility from what it tells us about how convenient it is to search wikipedia, and the comprehensiveness of its coverage. Regardless, it is unequivocal evidence of Wikipedia's centrality.

William Henderson

I wonder if there is a generational component here driven by law clerks. It seems likely that younger lawyers have much more relative exposure and comfort with Wikipedia than Encyclopedia Britannica. bh.

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