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22 May 2007


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Jeff Yates

I like to review the various legal blog headlines (including ELS) on Jim Chen's Law Blog Central - it's a very nice service that he provides. See

Belle Lettre

I keep an eye out for my scholarly areas of interest as well as general interest law blogs.

General Interest: Legal Theory Blog, Concurring Opinions, Prawsfblawg, Leiter Law School Reports, Volokh, Balkinization, Jurisdynamics and MoneyLaw (of course).

Areas of Interest: Workplace Prof Blog, Feminist Law Professors, Conglomerate, Orgtheory, ELS (of course).

There are a lot of blogs that are just too well written to pass up if read selectively: Dorf on Law, Discourse.net., Madisonian, Is That Legal.

Intersting but less frequent: The Situationist, Crescat Sententia, Crooked Timber, Acephalous.

I have my google homepage set to give me RSS feeds, and I selectively read posts. I can't read everything, and often don't read everything. And sometimes I wait till the weekend to read the lengthier posts or catch up on a neglected blog.

I hit the general interest and areas of interest blogs more frequently, at least every other day. The good thing about the general interest ones is that I don't usually read every post, since not every post interests me. And the good thing about the areas of interest ones is that they're updated less frequently (or have briefer posts) and are manageable.

I don't have much to suggest for your ELS hit parade, but I do sometimes cruise by Daniel Drezner or Political Theory Daily (too much overload sometimes, but it's not just theory).

You might want to check this out:



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