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18 July 2007


Hopefully Anonymous

correction, by "book guy" I meant "book club".

Hopefully Anonymous

Anon, I disagree that there is little in the way of thought provoking commentary analysis. I've reviewed a number of the posts and they seem quite thought provoking and at the least link to very substantive and thought provoking analysis. It just seems to be at a high level of rigor and quality, so it's difficult to have an entry point to comment on if one doesn't have the time or background expertise to match the rigor.

For example, the latest post on the abortions & reduced crime studies and debates. Thought provoking commentary and analysis in the link --but also at a high level, so what can one say in response in the comments, without reading the paper, and having the background expertise to comment on it?

It may be a good problem -but I wish at the least experts on the topic would comment in response in the comments so we could all be enlightened by the exchange.

Also, it might be good for the ELS blog to have a book guy, at the introductory/survey level, like Tyler Cowen is starting up on the marginalrevolution.com blog.


It's not that we're intimidated, it's that there's rarely anything of substance to comment on. Lots of paper postings and pointers-which are valuable-but little in the way of thought provoking commentary and analysis. Shame too, because the subject matter is ripe for a good blog.

Disclaimer: This isn't meant as a critique of the current set of bloggers. Bloggers should blog what they want, of course. Having guest bloggers seemed to work for increasing the production of substantive content. Oh yeah, more Zorn.

Hopefully Anonymous

I see disturbingly few comments for a blog of this quality, frequency of update, and importance of subject matter. I just want to write that I'm a new and very impressed reader. I'll try to comment whenever I think I have something worthwile to add. If web metrics indicate a substantial readership (such as in the hundreds or more) then I think the high quality of your posts might be intimidating people from commenting.

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