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30 October 2007


John Steele

Congrats to you, Andrew, and other scholars who are changing the rules of the game (for the better) by providing empirical data to the decision makers.

Loyola 2L

We're all eagerly waiting for your ranking Bill. Add whatever other columns you desire, but please make sure we can sort by the "chances of getting a good job" column. I think that's the only column the vast majority of students care about.

Bill Henderson

Anonymous, this is a terrific suggestion. Thanks, Bill H.


If your rankings will be on job availability, flexibility, and financial security, I really think you should take into consideration schools' loan repayment assistance programs. NYU has a great one, where if you work for 30 months in public interest following graduation, the school repays all your loans. The definition for "public interest" job is also very broad and apparently covers some federal government work. Conversely, GWU - another top school - has an abysmal system that will only help with repayment if the difference between annual salary and annual debt owed is less than 26K-29K. GWU's definition of public interest is very narrow.

I think this has a huge impact on the blend of factors you seek to measure, and hope you can somehow incorporate it.

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