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18 March 2008


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In Russia the first decree prohibiting prostitution, was passed in the mid 17 th century under Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich. The first public house in Empress Elizabeth tried to open a certain German, who came from Dresden, but there was something there she went wrong. Legalized "home visits" in 1843. "The level of service" they are very different: in the early 20 th century fee for visiting a house ranged from 30-40 cents to 100 rubles. For reference: the average salary of workers in St. Petersburg at that time was about 20 rubles. All this "shop" tried to cover up after the October Revolution, and I must say that it was the Soviets almost succeeded. Well, a "dashing 90-e" returned this phenomenon in our lives to such an extent that according to some sources, only in Moscow prostitutes as many women as all over the UK. However, for this you might have yourself something that you know.

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