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22 April 2008



These are great Prof. Henderson, and I hope you plan to update these rankings annually.

But if I could offer one suggestion. Please try to find some way to fine tune the clerkship numbers. Specifically I'm looking at Seton Hall, whose numbers seem a little, well . . . I'm sure the numbers will make more sense once you separate CoA from easier to attain clerkships.

Once you do that, perhaps you can sort not by NLJ250 %, but by NLJ250% + CoA clerkship %. Anyone with a CoA clerkship is virtually assured of an NLJ250 job, if they want it, so you might want to consider combining the two. This change will restore Yale to its deserved top spot.


Why is UPenn listed in NY instead of PA?

Daniel Katz

Power Law Distributed?
I bet the Alpha Level on this would indicate it is Power Law Distributed or at least displays Power Law Properties.

I have found this in my own work with law clerk placements, law professor placements, etc. In terms of a generating function, I would suspect Yule Law or equivalent.

Given this is the underlying distribution---US News is certain to mislead as the space between institutions is dramatically non-linear.

Anyway, very cool visual. I look forward to seeing more.


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