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26 May 2008


Odnawianie kościoła

Munger is very nice man :)
Very interest article...

Jeff Lipshaw

Bill, I just downloaded the transcript and am filled with awe and admiration for (a) Charlie Munger's intellectual prowess (not to mention his gifts to my alma maters, Stanford and Michigan), and (b) your own passion for self-improvement.

As a corporate veteran of the data-intuition wars, however, let me sound a word of caution. It is far easier to do an assessment of somebody else's tendencies than your own. The problem, of course, in assessing your own bias and behavioral tendencies is the infinitive regress as well as the self-recursiveness of the exercise. In short, you assess your own behavior, and decide you have the tendency, and correct it. But was your assessment affected by the tendency (or another one)? And was your assessment of the assessment so affected? And so on.

To interject a philosophical note, this was one of Kant's key points about the relationship of empiricism and reason. Your reason wants to follow the infinite regress to the infinite end, and to see the world objectively. It is unrestrained by the empirical world. So reason is capable of positing (or playing) God - that Being that can be both subjective and wholly objective at the same time.

The inspiring thing about your post lies in a slight corruption of Robert Louis Stevenson's dictum that it is better to travel hopefully than to arrive. In this regard, it is impossible to arrive, but it's no reason not to travel hopefully nevertheless.

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