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29 May 2008



I hope it will be a long running show, that’ll be shown in many different countries!

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Definitely an underrated blog.

Belle Lettre

This ranking makes no sense. I loved LawCulture, but I must use the past tense because it hasn't been updated since 2006. Also, since it's only ranking law school blogs, there aren't that many, really, except for the errant law professor hanging up his lonely shingle. Like most industries, law school blogs are consolidated into group blogs.

Law profs do love rankings, but this one seems pretty useless. I like Solove's blawg census better, as he identifies what schools/profs are bloggging, and does a gender count. And he admits that the counting is difficult if a blog is not updated enough, or the listed group bloggers don't contribute enough/at all to be counted.

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