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20 June 2008



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Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin, has been a target for media criticism more than she has for praise for her service and character. For instance, she appeared on Saturday Night Live last weekend after the show had spoofed her. The jeers continue, as the press continues to chip away at her performance as governor of Alaska to her 17 year old daughter becoming pregnant out of wedlock, and taking shots at her character.
Furthermore, some liberal pundits maintain the position that the country will fall into shambles if John McCain were to be elected into office, then become incapacitated. Many of these diatribes are little more than character assassinations. A good number of Alaskans admire Sarah Palin. Her record shows her commitment to disabled persons, with a good deal of work with people afflicted with Down syndrome, autism, and other conditions that never received the care they needed and deserved. Many citizens champion her advocacy of personal responsibility and financial freedom, including her opposition to measures that would do away with CASH ADVANCES, which are a legitimate resource that many working people have relied on and continue to do so as a resource for tough times to help them weather the storms they experience.

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C Bass

The entire law school establishment needs to be revamped and I think the two year JD is a great step in the right direction. The University of Dayton School of Law began their two year JD program three years ago and has found great success with the program and I think NU with experience the same.

'06 Law Grad

Except for a class I took with one of the contributors to this blog (of course), my third year in law school was a real waste of time. In fact, it was probably one of the least productive years of my life.

During the first year of law school, you get to learn a new language and a new way of thinking by taking the "base" courses most schools require during the first year.

During the second year, you get to branch out a bit and take a few offerings that interest and challenge you. Want to learn more UCC law? Take Secured or Sales. Like trees? Take Enviro. Dying to try cases? Trial Ad's for you.

By the time the third year rolls around, you've learned the language and thought process (first year) and applied those skills to a variety of different course offerings (second year). Basically, the third year becomes a "do-it-again" grinding repeat of year 2.

I was told before law school that they would scare you to death during your first year, work you to death during your second year, and bore you to death during your third year. That couldn't have been more true. (It got so bad that my wife seriously asked me during the second semester of my third year if I was still in school.)

I'm all for two-year programs. In fact, all schools should not only offer two-year programs, but they should completely do away with the third year (unless there was some soul that just didn't want to get a job yet).

NU Law 3L

Great article. One note - it's "NU Law" not "NWU Law."

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