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13 July 2008


Law Librarian

This is interesting material; thank you. I would like to suggest that the figures given for law professor salaries appear to be from public institutions, whose budgets are public also. I agree with another commenter that salaries at private schools are likely to differ and in many cases be significantly higher.


In the 2006-07 version of the survey, Harvard responded (strangely enough), with $241,300 as the median full professor salary. See here: http://www.saltlaw.org/~salt2007/files/uploads/SALT_salary_survey_2006-2007.pdf


One of the comments to Caron's post indicates that the SALT numbers leave out many, if not most, top law schools (including Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Michigan, Notre Dame, Vanderbilt, Georgetown, NYU) -- and that it is likely those schools pay more (and perhaps significantly more) than those included in the SALT figures. In addition, law school professors also receive various perks (e.g., housing provided by NYU) that, if included in the salary calculations at FMV, would significantly bump up the calculations.

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