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29 September 2008


raivo pommer -eesti.

Die Londoner Polizei hat aus der Affäre um den Tod eines Mannes bei den G20-Protesten erste Konsequenzen gezogen. Ein Polizist, der bei seiner Attacke auf den Mann gefilmt worden war, wurde vom Dienst suspendiert. Scotland Yard habe ihn „im Interesse der Öffentlichkeit“ mit sofortiger Wirkung freigestellt, teilte die unabhängige Polizeiaufsichtsbehörde am Donnerstagabend mit.

Auf einem Amateurvideo war zu sehen, wie der Polizist den 47-jährigen Ian Tomlinson schlägt und zu Boden stößt. Wenige Minuten später brach der Zeitungsverkäufer zusammen und erlitt einen Herzinfarkt.


Thanks for your suggestions, Daniel. I also wonder about tagging as a way to create a more flexible multi-user database.

As for whether the coding issues are secrets -- they are not in the sense that most of the coding issues I identify are described in the Database's Codebook. My concern, however, is that many, many researchers fail to understand the coding limitations and their implications for the results of their own and others' work. I've seen -- and document in the Article -- numerous examples.

Sean Wilson

... it has never been a secret that all sorts of coding issues exist. It also has never been a secret that analysis of data of this sort is always of a limited nature.

Daniel Katz

Professor Shapiro's article raises some very compelling points.

Just to follow up to this post, I would encourage readers to consider advances in Information Science that might be leveraged to increase both the quality and granularity of the dataset. Here are two potential approaches:

(1) Computational Linguistic Techniques (i.e. approaches to search for intra-case linguistic diversity)

(2) Network Measures (including community detection algorithms)

Anyway, these are just a couple thoughts of how to generate a forward looking agenda.

Best, Dan

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