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04 November 2008


Credit Repair calls for help!

Everyone sometimes need credit repair like me. You know what? It greatly helps me because I’ve spent the majority of my adult life trying to keep up with the Joneses. As an American, there is an undeniable pressure to live the “American Dream”. I just think it’s ironic that the American Dream has become almost identical for everyone—big houses, fancy cars, a white picket fence, and expensive things. It’s pretty evident that all of these luxuries and material goods aren’t making Americans happy. Instead of happiness, I feel guilt and stress when I make purchases at the store. I feel guilty for buying something I know I don’t really need, and I feel stress because I know my credit card bill is going to be huge. I, like many Americans, need to reevaluate what really makes us happy. Focusing on material goods isn’t making me happy. All these things that I have are just weighing me down emotionally and financially. The simple things in life make me happy—like spending time with my kids, getting outdoors, and talking with my husband. The best part is none of those things cost money. So why then are Americans so consumed with spending money on worthless things? Americans are addicted to shopping and spending to impress each other. I’m sure my designer clothing impresses a few people, but if they knew how much credit card debt it took to dress like this, they wouldn’t find it as impressive. Keeping up with the Joneses is overrated, and I’ve paid a heavy price to try to live the “American Dream”. I’m going to start living my own dream—the real American dream. I’m going to start managing my money, saving my money, and paying off my debts. My credit score is also extremely low, so I’m going to get credit repair help. With less debt and credit repair I can focus on the things in my life that truly make me happy—my family. Click to read more on Credit Repair.

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