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11 December 2008


A. Smith

I cannot help but laugh aloud at all of the oh-so-serious "empirical" scholars who so assiduously attempt to tease from dubious data predictions of future judicial behaviors, and how they seemingly refuse to take into account the undoubted fact that such behaviors are influenced by factors that we don't much like to talk about, such as corruption, to say nothing of greed, ignorance, bias, stupidity, and the fact that many situations that call for judicial decisions cannot be solved by any conceivable formula but are left to judicial stabs in the dark. Judge Kerner was occasionally corrupt. Many judges are, bribed not only by money but by flattery, fawning, adulation, praise, and the like. Where is the empirical evidence on these topics?

John Michael

Hi, I am a sophomore in San Diego, California and I am currently working on a research paper in my english class about corruption in the history of Illinois' government. I'm not sure who I am sending this message to, but whomever is reading this, you seem to know thoroughly what you are talking about. I think this will be an easier task to tackle if I could seek some professional help. thanks,
John M.

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