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03 May 2009


College Term Papers

I read your post with great interest. As you know, I am generally on the other side of you on the issue of Iraq but I respect and find your position very interesting.

Legal Profession Prof

Is that the closest that an entity named something like "Esterbrook, J" will get to the Supreme Court?

Patrick Brandt

OK, that's a good one for classroom trivia. And the Estie makes much more sense, even when compared to the others available in the era.

If this were a real "litmus" test we would also need to ask the fountain pen purist questions: Bottled ink or cartridges? And, what color ink?

From a grading addled faculty member using two fountain pens to grade papers and exams (one with black ink, another with red)...

Christopher Zorn

Hmmm. My own vote would be for a 50s-era Parker 51 (with the "aerometric" filling mechanism, not the "vacumatic"). But an even better idea would be to sign on here:


and ask the same question to the hive-mind. As on-line communities go, it's one of the nicest, most supportive ones I've encountered (right up there with the ELSBloggers...).


Thanks for the post! Very interesting.

I am a grad student whose birthday is approaching, and I might be looking for an entry-level fountain pen. What would you recommend?



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